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Microsoft IntelliSense automatic completion tool

Microsoft's "inshellisense" project is a tool that provides IDE-style autocompletion for command-line interfaces. It supports over 600 command-line tools and can run on Windows, Linux, and MacOS systems. With this tool, you can simply run inshellisense --shell <shell> to start an autocompletion session for the selected shell. Additionally, you can bind inshellisense to the CTRL+a shortcut by running a specific command, which will automatically start the autocompletion session and inject the accepted commands into the shell's history.

"inshellisense" supports multiple shells, including bash, zsh, fish, pwsh, and Windows PowerShell. The project welcomes contributions and suggestions, but most contributions require agreement to the Contributor License Agreement (CLA). Furthermore, the project follows Microsoft's open-source behavior guidelines and provides a security policy.

From a technical perspective, this project is primarily written in TypeScript (91.9%), with some JavaScript, PowerShell, and Shell code as well. In terms of popularity, it has received over 5.9k stars, 21 watchers, and 125 branches on GitHub. Additionally, the project is licensed under the MIT license and emphasizes compliance with relevant policies and guidelines regarding the use of Microsoft and third-party trademarks or logos.

More information can be found here: GitHub - microsoft/inshellisense

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